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Enhance Your Webflow Website!

A power switch and 15 hour battery life enables coverage for multi-day Events.
Enhance Your Webflow Website

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We understand that data is valuable! so at the heart of every Event is a yellohub which quietly tracks and organises all the activity occurring between yellocards and yelloboxes in REAL-TIME. Using any web

Some FAQ's

How Much Does it cost?

£75 per Exhibitor's yellobox,
£1 per Attendee's yellocard
+ staff where needed

How Does It Work?

A uniquely identified and portable yellobox is placed at each Exhibitors stand. With areas of an Event that attract heavy footfall or during Conferences and Seminars, yelloboxes can be located to incentivise data-capture

Where does the data go?

Data Analytics for Organisers is valuable so access to a secure online dashboard is available during an event. This dashboard clearly displays all the activity occurring between yellocards and yelloboxes and is updated in REAL-TIME.

What does the user need todo?

All attendees receive a unique Yelloband or Yellocard, which can replace or accompany an existing entry Badge.