How To Use Heatmapping Software

Learn how to use Heatmapping software to enhance your insight on how your users interact with your website

September 24, 2020

There are a lot of techniques that you can use to gain a better understanding of how you run your business and what areas you might need to work on. Your company website is absolutely vital, and it needs to be as good as it can possibly be. Close to 50% of people who search online for reviews will visit the company website before making a purchase, according to KPMG.

You need to understand that there are a lot of different ways in which your website can influence your business success and secure more customers, and hiring a professional digital marketing agency in Kent to help build the perfect website is ideal. This is why you need to ensure you analyse and assess the website so that you can assimilate customer activity and work out what you can do to improve it. Heatmapping plays a big role in this, and here are some of the things you need to know about heatmapping and how to use it.

What is Heatmapping?

Heatmapping is an excellent tool for helping and allowing you to visualise complex statistical data. In simple form, heatmapping is a form of data analysis software that uses colour as a form of data visualisation. When you are looking at your web page or website, it is important to understand which areas of the website get the most attention. The heat map shows you this in a visual way, and allows you to understand and absorb it better. If you are unsure how to go about using this software, you can always turn to your Kent digital agency experts for guidance on this.

What do Heat Maps Show?

Heat maps use a colour spectrum of cold to hot in order to show which parts and areas of the website receive the most attention. Think of a heat map as visual storytelling; a way of mapping out the traffic that has come to your website. It can help you to work on improving your call to action and conversion rates; according to DSIM, 70% of SMB websites don’t have a CTA. Heat maps can show you visitor behaviour, and will help you to understand where the most important content on the site should be.

Different Types of Website Heatmaps

There are several different types of website heatmaps you can choose to use when looking to analyse your website, and these are three of the most common:

  • Heatmap

Heatmaps are by far and away the most common, and they show visitor behaviour insights, and this will allow you to customise your website to suit the expectations of those who visit the site.

  • Clickmap

Clickmaps are an important way of finding out which parts of your website are clicked on the most, and which are the most popular.

  • Scrollmap

Scrollmaps are vital for showing you the scrolling habits of the potential visitors to your website; it indicates how far people scroll down a page, as well as the sections where they spend most of their time.

Using Heatmapping Software  

There are a lot of different choices for heatmapping software that you can use to improve the way you assess and analyse your website. Because heatmap tools are cloud-based, they are essential for any digital modern company to be using. Some of the best examples of this software include Crazyegg, Mouseflow, and Matomo. Using this software allows business owners to assess how well their websites come across, and what potential customers look for during visits.

Making sure you utilise heatmapping software to improve your website and the way it works is so important. You are going to need to make full use of the different software options you can use to analyse your website and improve the experience for visitors.  

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