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Meet the team.

3SIX5 Digital is made up of compassionate, knowledgeable leaders. We blend professionalism with having a good time & we blend expertise with open minds.

Our team
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Get to know the team at 3SIX5.

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20+ years of digital experience.

We were building websites and working on early-day digital projects as far back as 1998. Things have moved along a lot since the Dreamweaver days, and we now prefer no-code solutions.

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We're a global entity.

We've worked with hundreds of clients all over the world in the last few years alone. In fact, our client spread covers 6 out of the 7 continents! Whether you're local, national or global, we'd love to help you with your digital marketing needs.

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Compassion over profit.

3SIX5 was founded with compassion firmly at heart. We care immensely about our clients, our projects, our suppliers and our colleagues. Health and wellbeing is one of the core components of our company ethos.

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We support young people.

We work with young people; work experience students, interns, and colleges/universities in our local area. We offer free mentoring services, remote group seminars and support for young people looking to learn more about digital.

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We save our clients money.

We specialise in nearly all forms of digital marketing. We find many clients who consolidate all their services with us, save on average nearly £2K per month. Sound good? Reach out to us for a chat and find out how you can do just that.

about our flexible hours

UK-Based support 7 days a week.

You can't switch a website off, can you? So this means you may need support out of hours, or at the weekend. That's why we offer unrivalled customer support from 8am - 8pm every single day of the week.

Our team

Meet the core team behind 3SIX5.


Founder | CEO


Founder | CEO


Sales Manager


Business Development


Creative Director


Full Stack Developer


Webflow  Developer


Webflow  & Integrations


Webflow Designer


Content Lead



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Great clients come from every neck of the woods.

Despite being a UK based firm, we work with clients from all corners of the Earth.
Our client base stretches across every single continent.

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Our values

We instil these at every opportunity:

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Be compassionate at every chance.

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Take ownership no matter what.

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Collaborate wherever necessary.

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Treat every client like a giant.

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Push the boundaries for our clients.

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Be more imaginative than ever.

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Our affiliate program allows freelancers and agencies who pass us leads to earn commission on any converted leads. To apply to join our affiliate network. Or if you wish to join our Freelancer network, contract us for more information!

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