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5 Reasons Why Webflow Is The Best Tool For Your Design Team

Read 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Webflow For Your Web Design Project

August 14, 2020

5 Reasons Why Webflow Is The Best Tool For Your Design Team

Webflow is a web design tool, CMS, and hosting platform. It has a “code-first” approach allowing users to design, build, and launch a responsive website visually.  In short, this means that Webflow users can create a high-performing website, in a drag and drop interface without the use of code. The objective is to fill the gap between basic website builders such as Wix and fuller CMS platforms such as WordPress, and you can bet any great Kent digital marketing agency is going to be looking to use Webflow in a bid to help improve your website's design.  

While it is crucial to research different design tools and website builders for your projects, here are five reasons why Webflow is the best platform for your design team. This post doesn’t go into detail about all the features of Webflow, but you can explore them yourself here.

Reason 1 – Customisation

Unlike other builders, Webflow doesn’t make users work with templates and themes. Everything can be 100% custom-built, ensuring it is unique to your business. Understandably, some designers like to use Wix or Squarespace as they are so simple, but with limited themes, there will likely be thousands of other sites that look the same as yours.

Reason 2 – Webflow Does Not Rely On Plugins

The builders we’ve already mentioned and others like WordPress, rely on add-ins to create more complex functions. Although plugins may work well to start, they can become out of date and slow down the speed of your website. See our previous post on the importance of site speed (LINK THIS TO MY OTHER ARTICLE). A plugin also relies on the developer to fix any bugs, whereas using Webflow, it’s all under your control.

Reason 3 – Clean Codebase

The Webflow Designer looks a little bit like PhotoShop in terms of look and feel. Users can automatically generate marking by dropping HTML elements onto the canvas and using CSS properties to style it. Better still, Webflow exports W3C-compliant code which can be deployed or be customised by a developer. Drag-and-drop builders tend to leave site structures with messy inline classes that are not present with Webflow.

Webflow bridges the gap between designers and developers.

Designers can make the small adjustments that previously would need a developer to fix. Working with code visually plays straight into the hands of more creative team members. Of course, some knowledge of CSS or HTML helps, but it is not imperative.

If you'd like to talk more about hiring a digital agency in Kent well-versed at building a Webflow website for you, please do get in contact with us right now.

Source: https://webflow.com/
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