Best AI Chatbots to Use

March 25, 2021

Technology is changing the world, and business is no different. So, you have to consider the best ways of integrating modern technology into your company as much as you possibly can. You've got to make sure you do as well as you can to integrate tech such as AI chatbots into the business to help with the day to day running of the brand, as well as improving your marketing strategy and trying to enhance the way your business comes across.

Now, there are plenty of advantages to using AI chatbots, including the fact that they improve customer interaction, as well as being available 24/7 and cutting down on operational costs in the process. The chatbot market is expected to pass the $1 billion mark by 2025, and this shows that you are able to take advantage of a growing market. When you team up with 3SIX5 Digital as your leading Kent digital agency, you can work with us to figure out the best ways of integrating technology and making use of AI chatbots in the business. Here are some of the best AI chatbots you can use to help improve and enhance your business in 2021.

Alexa for Business

If you are looking for the AI chatbot that is definitely a market leader, you need look no further than Amazon's global behemoth, Alexa. If you are looking to connect with the 83 million people who own a smart speaker, then Alexa for Business is one of the best choices when it comes to leading AI chatbots on the market today. There are a lot of great features to benefit you here, including self-help APIs; text-to-speak, images, streamed audio and video customer response; transactions and closed loop commerce, and more!


What makes Drift so great is the fact that the AI chatbots are implemented on websites where they are able to qualify multiple leads without the need for forms by routing them to specific teams! The chat widget for mobile and desktop is effortlessly easy to use, and there are many out of the box integrations that can accompany this, such as Slack, and Office 365 Calendar.


Want to help your employees understand their roles better and have the information they need? If so then atSpoke, an internal ticketing system with in-built AI, is the choice for you. It helps internal teams within the business to provide 5x faster resolution to customers by answering 40% of all business requests automatically, and this is something that can really help to improve the efficiency of the company and the way you are able to run it.

As you can see, these are some of the most effective AI chatbots you can use to help with the running of your company. You need to try to look at integrating and doing what you can to make use of these chatbots this year, and boost your customer service and business efficiency in the process as well. Work with a leading digital marketing agency in Kent to make sure you can integrate this as effectively as possible this year.

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