Email Marketing Platforms

May 31, 2021

Believe it or not, email marketing is one of the best forms of digital marketing, and it also consistently offers better ROI than any other marketing channel. Email is something that a lot of people tend to overlook these days as the world of technology and social media are growing with every passing year, but the difference that email can make is actually huge. Try to work closely with a leading Kent digital marketing agency in order to help make the most of this, and to find the best email marketing platforms right now.

There are plenty of great options to consider with this, and you need to look at the best ways of having the right infrastructure in place to help your email marketing work as well as possible. This is one of the best things that you need to keep in mind, and there are a lot of elements that play a role in helping with this. So there are plenty of factors to keep in mind with this, and you need to come up with some of the best email marketing platforms that play a big role in helping you to achieve this moving forward.


EmailOctopus is one of the most popular email marketing platforms that exists, and it provides a simpler, better value, and more intuitive experience that you need to work on right now. With a drag and drop editor, and a landing page builder, you can compose and compile emails from scratch, as well as keeping the whole process organised as much as possible.


Mailchimp is probably the best-known email marketing platform out there, and is perfect for beginners, or those with limited knowledge of what they are doing. There are so many features that make this process integral to email marketing, and it is important to consider the right ways of achieving this, and things like email automation, templates, A/B testing, and more play a massive role in this.


One of the best things about HubSpot (a marketing automation platform), is the fact that they recently released a free email marketing tool that is perfect for many small business email needs. The tool comes with a very user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor, as well as ready-made templates that are going to help you to make the most of this moving forward right now. There are a lot of things that you need to get right, and it is important to ensure that you make the most of this right now.

This represents just a handful of the best and most amazing ideas you can use for email marketing platforms, and there are so many factors that play a part in this. You need to make sure you are focused on doing your best to make the right choices here, and liaising with your Kent digital agency can help you choose the right platform for this. Using these platforms can make a big difference to the way in which you are able to improve your email marketing moving forward.

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