Essentials Every Great Website Needs

May 2, 2021

As a modern business, it is imperative that you are taking steps that are going to help improve your business and the way it comes across. This is why you need to ensure that you have the absolute best website you can possibly get. Your company's website is integral to how you present the business and to any kind of success you might be able to enjoy. At 3SIX5 Digital, we are dedicated to helping businesses produce amazing websites; it's one of the things that makes us a leading Kent digital marketing agency.

We understand how important this step in the process is, and how a poorly executed website can do so much harm for your brand and reputation. So, we're going to help you by covering a few of the key essentials that every great website requires in order to present the right message to visitors and potential customers. Here are some of the key things you need to make sure your business website has this year.

A Simple, User-Friendly Design

Having a simple and user-friendly website design is so important for attracting more people, and keeping them around. There is nothing worse than a cluttered and overly complicated website, so you need to try to make it as simple as possible. Make sure you provide important information, but that you don't overload, and try to ensure you have tabs and sections that are easy to find for people visiting for the first time.

Business Blog

Attaching a blog to your website gives you a definitive edge over other companies, and makes your website more engaging and interesting. Indeed, 57% of marketers reveal that they have gained customers specifically through blogging. Adding a business blog to your website offers a marked improvement, and makes your site more valuable and engaging to customers.

An Online Store

An online store is one of the best additions to any website because it is a great way of being able to secure and push more sales. If customers have to leave your website to visit your online store, you risk losing out on potential sales. However, if they are simply able to access the online store as part of the website it means they can make purchases there and then, and it can increase the number of impulse buys that customers make. This is a vital addition to any modern site, and can significantly increase your conversion rates in the process as well.

These are just a few of the key essentials that every modern business website needs, and they are things that you need to work on an ensure are in you include in your site. Being able to improve your website is really important when you are looking at the best ways of being able to attract more customers and make positive decisions for the future. As a leading Kent digital agency, 3SIX5 Digital is perfectly placed to help you create or change your website to make sure it's the best it can possibly be.

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