Monthly Spend Limits With Google Ads

July 8, 2021

Marketing is so important, but you need to have a plan in place, and, more importantly, you need to have as budget. Every great digital marketing campaign starts off with a budget, and you need to take steps to work within this budget as rigorously as possible. The secret here is to make sure you focus on managing your budget and cutting the unnecessary costs as much as possible. The way to achieve this is to make sure you manage your Google Ads spend budget as effectively as you possibly can, and this is a process.

The average business is expected to drop as much as $10,000 on Google Ads per month, and it's likely that some of this could be trimmed down, and the advertising made more direct and efficient. In days gone by, marketers would have to spend years coming up with ways of keeping their Google Ad spend under control, and there was always the danger of costs spiralling. However, there are now great ways to be able to achieve this that have been brought in by Google themselves. Finding balance and being able to manage your spend on Google Ads is really important, and this is something you mighty choose to work on with a leading digital marketing agency in Kent, so that you have the best input and advice to proceed with this. Here is what you need to know about Google Ads monthly spending limits.

What are they?

Monthly spend limits allow you to place a spend cap on top of your daily budgets, thus allowing you to control your spend at account level, a groundbreaking step for those looking to have a spending cap and reduce the amount of money that is going on their advertising. Yes, it's a vital part of the business, but you need to make sure you aren't spending too much on them. This is an excellent money saving tool, and something that is going to help you make your ads more efficient and effective in the process too.

How do they work?

Setting up your monthly spend limit is a little different to setting your daily budgets, so you need to know the best way of doing this in a fast and effective manner. Head over to your Google Ads account, and find Billing in the top right of the toolbar. On the left hand menu you want to find and click on the Settings section. This then takes you to another screen with an option that allows you to create a monthly spend limit, and you can add this manually.

How can you get the most out of them?

Getting the most out of Google Ads monthly spend limits means you need to know whether it is right for you and your situation, which means assessing the positives and negatives. The benefits of using a monthly spend limit are that it is less restrictive, you can manage campaign by campaign, and you can adjust the budgets if you need to. And, of course, you can save important funds as well! The negatives are that the flexibility can make it hard to keep in control of your spending, having different budgets for each campaign can be complex, and setting the budget too low can negatively impact a campaign. Weighing these up, you then have to decide on that works best for you moving forward.

Understanding what Google Ads are and how their limits work is a great way of being able to help them work better for your business. This is something that you need to try to make the most of moving forward. Team up with your chosen Kent digital agency and check out the best ways in which you are able to implement these monthly spending limits, and this can be vital for helping your business to grow and move forward in the best possible way.

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