The Importance of Grid Systems in Graphic Design

Learn some main reasons using a grid in graphic design is so important

November 2, 2020

Graphic design might seem like it is incredibly spontaneous and off the cuff, and some parts of it are. But, there is also a great deal of planning and precision that goes into it as well, and this is something that you well need to make plans for as much as you can. Grid systems are ubiquitous in the world of graphic design, but this should not downplay their importance. The precision, structure, and organisation involved in your graphic design projects makes a grid system absolutely essential for helping with this, and this is something to talk through with your chosen digital marketing agency in Kent.

Statistics suggest that 94% of people will leave a website with bad graphic design, and this illustrates the importance of making sure you focus on the perfect professional design. No matter what facet of graphic design you work in, the grid system can help you to achieve a clearer and more efficient design process right now. So, you need to make sure you look at the different ways in which grid systems play a part in graphic design, and why they are such a vital part of your design process.

What is a Grid System?

In the world of design, a grid system is basically a way of structuring and organising layout. Whether the designs are for print or for screen, the grid system can be used to great effect. Now, it is important to understand that there are different types of grids, and they all serve different purposes, so knowing about some of them is definitely a good place to begin.

  • Baseline grid

This is a grid of spaced horizontal lines that can help to align multiple lines of text, and is generally combined with column grids.

  • Column grid

The column grid is the most common choice for graphic designers, and splits the page into vertical fields so that objects can be positioned in a specific way.

  • Modular grid

The modular grid combines intersecting columns and rows in order to create segments that will help to inform layout decisions.

So let's take a look at some of the best ways in which grid systems can be ideal for your graphic design needs.

Helps Balance the Design

Having balance to the design process is absolutely fundamental, and this is what grid systems can go a long way towards helping with. Whether you are going for a symmetrical or asymmetrical layout, you will need to make sure you balance the design and use the grids to get the best balance and look at where your design might need work.

Makes the Job Quicker

No design job should be rushed, but the use of grid systems allows you ensure you can complete the job in a quicker timescale. The grid system acts as a design road map and shows you where you can place and position your designs for the optimum effect right now.

Helps Keep Things More Efficient

Efficiency is also massively important, and you need to make sure you make everything easier for the business as a whole. The grid system allows this to happen because they can help designers to overcome difficulties in the process, and they provide a structure for collaboration and understanding.

Grid systems are absolutely essential in the world of graphic design, and you should look to use them wherever possible to help improve this process. In fact, this is something you need to work on with you Kent design agency and make sure you are utilising it in the best way you possibly can.

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