Using Google Tag Manager

A summary of Google Tag Manager, what it is, and how your business can benefit from it.

October 30, 2020

Businesses always need to be looking at how they can improve their marketing strategies and make better marketing decisions moving forward. This is one of the reasons why 3SIX5 have positioned ourselves as a leading digital agency in Kent. Being able to collect and assimilate pertinent marketing information is vital to understanding how effective your advertising is, and where, if anywhere, you need to make improvements, and this is something we can help with. 

According to Clutch, around 92% of small business owners think having a website ranks as the most successful and effective marketing strategy. And in many ways this is true, but you also need to understand your marketing strategy, how it works, and why it works. You need to be able to gather important information about buyers, their trends, and your business CTR, etc. And this is why you need to use Google Tag Manager, in order to get the best out of your marketing and to help you understand it better.

What are Google Tags?

Tags are bits of digital code you embed in your website’s HTML in order to help you extract certain information. This is generally information that is key in a marketing sense, including things like how people came to visit your site, how long they stayed, and how many clicks they made, etc. These are essentials that you need to know in order to get your marketing strategy right as much as possible. These tags send information to Google Analytics  to get more precise data as a result. 

What is Google Tag Manager?

In the simplest terms, Google Tag Manager is a free tool that allows you to manage and create marketing tags on your website or mobile app. The tool allows you to do this without the need for modifying code, thus making it a more user-friendly and cost-effective tool. Embedding the Tag Manager on each web page allows you to enjoy a more streamlined and efficient marketing strategy.

Why it Benefits You

There are plenty of benefits to using Google Tag Manager, and one of the biggest reasons to use it is that it can help give you a better understanding of your marketing demographics right now. Getting a better handle on your marketing strategy is one of the key things that plays a role in improving your marketing awareness, and looking for ways of improving this in the future.

How You Can Use It

While it is simple and straightforward to use, it is also important to try to ensure you develop some technical knowledge, which can be done via online study. Setting up your account is a great way of being able to get started with Google Tag Manager. There are three core areas to Google Tag Manager that you’ll need to take into account when using it, and they are tags, triggers and variables.


As we explored earlier, tags are basically snippets of code that tell Google Tag Manager what to do, and are integral to your business.  


Triggers are put in place in order to instruct Tag Manager when it should do the things you want it to do. 


Of course, you’ll also need to consider the variables in play as well, and these are basically examples of additional information that the tags and triggers may need for Tag Manager to work effectively. 

It’s clear how important Google Tag Manager is to your business, and it can be essential for revamping your marketing strategy. There are a lot of great benefits to this, so you need to try to use it as effectively as you can. Talk to your chosen Kent digital marketing agency about how you can implement this on your website and improve your marketing in the process.

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