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April 23, 2021

At 3SIX5 Digital, we understand the value of collaboration. That’s what makes the corporate world go round, and this is what has helped inform our affiliate program. In addition to working alongside clients, we are also looking to team with them in a bid to enhance their skills and opportunities, as well as our own. 

Our affiliate scheme allows us to partner with scores of agencies, freelancers, and professionals who pass us leads in exchange for 10% commission on all converted leads. Through this process you are able to enjoy the opportunity of increasing your networking and outsourcing capabilities, without having to shell out your hard-earned pounds to do so. 

This is perfect for those seeking more opportunities and exposure, as well as a reciprocal arrangement that helps them expand their client pool and working experiences. As a leading Kent digital marketing agency we are proud to have an affiliate programme that brings us closer to our clients, and this is something we hope you will find useful.

If you are interested in finding out more and even getting involved with this, we recommend you sign up to our affiliate scheme as soon as you can. We are specifically geared towards less full-service agencies and individuals; those who freelancers typically focused on providing a single service. 

This reciprocal arrangement is a referral program that sees us receive 10% commission on any done deal that we bring to the table for you, and vice versa. The great thing is that this arrangement is risk-free, with no money to be paid until a deal is completed and payment has been made. This makes it a win-win arrangement for you, as well as a great way of being able to improve your networking, and outsource your services to additional clients. 

So you might be wondering the kinds of services that we can offer or hook you up with, and what kinds of skills you have that may lend themselves well to this affiliate scheme. Well, things like SEO, ads, social media, video production, content, and more are all skills that would be ideal for this programme. Of course, you can find out more about this by signing up and getting in touch with us.

You can also use our social media profiles to get in touch with us about this. Drop us a line on LinkedIn to let us know you’re interested, and we can start the ball rolling. 

3SIX5 Digital is one of the leading digital agencies in Kent, and we are looking to expand our reach, develop our client base, and connect professionals from all corners of the web. Make sure you head over to our About section to find out more about the affiliate programme, and the ways it can benefit you moving forward. 

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