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Generation Home

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Generation Home

Open Website
New Build

Project Deliverables

  • Design consultation session
  • Short project timeline
  • Develop 15 pages in Webflow
  • Custom Lottie animation creation
  • Bespoke integrations

About the company

Homeownership has moved out of reach for millions, denying them the financial security that previous generations have taken for granted. We built Generation Home to give everyone the ...

Type of work:

Financial Technology


Fintech, Housing


3 Weeks

The Webflow Designer

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Generation Home

James Robertson

The guys at 3SIX5 have been immense in supporting us at Generation Home! They were the first company to reach out, with the most compelling proposal for redoing our website. Paul was great insuring we had everything in place and gave us the time to get our ducks in order, Steve and Julian absolutely smashed through the work with a great level of detail and love that went into their pages. This is the first project we will have with 3SIX5 and it certainly won't be the last! Speak soon chaps!

Our Website Building Approach

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Arguably the important part of any process is the initial consultation meeting(s). The more we discuss the project with you, the more we align and that means we deliver the most apt results as we possibly can.

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Strategy Session

Without a plan, projects can veer, lose traction and cause friction! So will work with you to create a strategy that will enable a timely fulfilment of your asks, using project management tools like Slack & Clickup to communicate in the most efficient manner. 

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Design Stage

The design phase is key in taking wireframe ideas and building those out as low, mid & high-fidelity mockups to really bring those initial ideas to life & get a feel for the visual journey we’re looking to take your website visitors on.

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Development Stage

Once the design has been signed off, we start the development stage where we take the project into a dev. environment and bring in our hugely experienced developers to start work on the DNA of your project. 

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Once the project goes live, it’s optimisation time! We want to ensure that the website that we’ve designed for you, is performing as well as it possible can. So we like to install certain layers of tracking software to your website in order to test, analyse & optimise in those first few weeks after going live. 

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Post Launch Support

Once we’re happy with things, we’ll control over to you! We are more than happy to run a training session or two for you and your team - so you can all learn what we’ve done and how to manage things on an ongoing basis!

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Our Process


The Results

  • Extremely fast load times
  • Streamlined CSS structure
  • Excellent web performance score
  • 5* Review

GTMetrix Score:


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