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Webflow Editor

Webflow is a business built on solving issues the current design space couldn’t seem to eliminate. With its no-code technology, Webflow has transformed how many businesses now design their sites, however, it's solved a lot more problems than just that!

This resource introduces you to the Webflow Editor, a tool used to manipulate and alter published websites. It’s the saving grace that makes updating website content no longer a chore.

What is the Webflow Editor?

The Webflow Editor is a tool that website owners or collaborators can use to edit the content and visuals of a live site. Keeping websites current and updated is essential upkeep to ensure your customers stay well informed and engaged on your site. The Webflow Editor was created on the basis that traditional methods were not logical and disrupted the business from profits to productivity.

The Webflow Editor is a tool that means you can change content visually on the site. This can be done through a URL which can be accessed by team members and clients or through the Webflow Designer itself.

We’ve listed below some unique features of the Webflow Editor that we simply can’t work without. We upkeep both our own and our client's websites through the Editor tool which saves time and money for both parties.

Uses of the Webflow Editor

Live Site Editing

The live site editing tool makes website upkeep seamless. Where the edit icon appears, the content can be clicked and altered visually through the site. You can change everything from type content to imagery. These changes won’t alter the live site in real-time but, will be added once that change has been published.

Button Editing

Similar to the live site editing tool, buttons can also be changed in two ways. The creator can both edit the button text and the link settings through the published site. This proves far more efficient than traditional measures where rewriting code would once have been needed to adapt this.

Collaborator Limitations

Collaborators, for example, team members, clients and even customers can be invited to make changes on the Webflow Editor through a URL. However, through the Webflow Designer, the creator can limit what the collaborators can edit. This ensures no changes are made without permission.

Drafting Content

The Webflow Editor enables owners and collaborators to not only publish content but also draft unfinished pieces. Saving work as a draft means other team members can work on unpublished pieces and create new pages that don’t go on the live site straight away.

Publishing Content

All changes made to the published site through the Editor will appear in chronological order. This gives the site owner access to all the changes made on the site in one place where they can be published with a click of a button.

What are the benefits of the Webflow Editor?

1. Firstly, the Webflow Editor is extremely time efficient. Traditionally, changes made through a website would require changing the code. Now they can be done using a visual interface.

2. The Webflow Editor allows the owner to add collaborators to the site so they can edit alongside others. This gets projects completed quicker.

3. The Webflow Editor also gives power back to the company. When website issues occur, the owner can use the editor to fix the issues without having to pay external developers. This saves the business both time and money.

Resources we think are worth the watch!

Webflow University provides countless resources that make learning Webflow a not-so-challenging task. For learning more about the Editor we’ve attached the two following clips that we believe will help you grow your understanding.

Intro to the Editor

This lesson will give you a brief yet thorough understanding of the Editor. It breaks down how you access the Editor using both the Designer and URL plus so much more.

Client’s guide to the Editor: Introduction

This is a tutorial similar to the above video which takes you through the Editor in slightly more detail. Both videos visually communicate the clear steps you and your business can take to editing sites to keep them up-to-date and looking fresh.

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