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Webflow Designer

Webflow is our forte here at 3SIX5 Digital and it’s near on impossible to get us to shut up about it!

We believe there’s a benefit to be had by all companies who build their websites through Webflow. We’re here to share our knowledge and years of experience on why choosing Webflow can transform your online business today.

But firstly, it’s crucial to know the fundamentals. This page will take you through the basics of website design using Webflow’s very own custom canvas.

What is the Webflow Designer?

The Webflow Designer is an innovative tool for building websites visually. The designer is equipped with countless resources that gift the art of website creativity to all those who embrace it.

Traditionally, coding has been an essential skill required by web designers. In today’s standard, it proves inefficient and way too old school. This is where Webflow comes in…

Without having to coin a single line of code, Webflow allows you to create a website visually through a drag-and-drop mechanic. The Webflow Designer was curated with simplicity at its core. No-code eliminates barriers without compromising on dynamic content that will make your website stand out from the crowd.

What are the benefits of using Webflow over coded designers?

1. First and foremost, the Webflow Designer lets you manipulate the style of a website all visually. Change colours, typography, size and positions without having to edit a single piece of code.

2. Whilst Webflow is for everyone, there remains a learning curve for anyone wanting to create draw-dropping websites. With that in mind, Webflow embeds visual tutorials along the canvas page that are available to watch as you create your site. Webflow is persistent in supporting learners and providing solutions that you simply don’t get with other website builders.

3. The Webflow Designer also lets you extract your newly created website out as a clean line of code. This is compatible with all hosting domains if you choose to host outside of Webflow.

4. During the design process, the Webflow Designer allows creators to preview their live site without publishing it. You can review your site as if it's fully live by interacting with its dynamic content and animations.

The list could go on but these benefits are guaranteed to save your business time and money.

Resources we think are worth the watch!

Webflow University has an abundance of lessons and tools that make learning Webflow a walk in the park. We’ve attached two below that are both concise yet extremely informative.

Intro to the Designer

This tutorial takes you through the Webflow Canvas highlighting different buttons that will help you get started on your design journey. This gives a brief overview of the canvas page which you can access through your own Webflow account.

Intro to the Box Model

The above tutorial gives an overview of the Box Model which is what Webflow uses to create its sites. The Box Model proves extremely effective at altering layouts depending on the device. This is extremely important for customer retention.

Alternatively, we recommend giving Webflow a go for yourself where you can find all the tools inside the designer.

By visiting the Webflow website you can create a free account to start creating sites without the headache of skill and coding.

However, at 3SIX5 Digital we are always on hand to help. Whatever the issue, drop us a message here and one of our team members will reach out and be more than happy to assist.

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