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How long does it take to learn Webflow?

Becoming a web-designer has never been made more simple. Webflow gives creators the tools to create immersive and cutting edge websites whilst eliminating the traditional skill gap of coding. For creators that are already familiar with CSS and the box model, you're sure to pick up Webflow in an instance.

We highly recommend designers to take a look at Webflow University. The unique service offered by Webflow provides video tutorials that are great for teaching you the basics of Webflow. Tutorials and content accommodate both beginners and intermediates learners. We guarantee you'll benefit from the countless resources Webflow has to offer.

Can I use Webflow for free?

When signing up to Webflow, you're automatically placed on the free plan that lets you kickstart your design journey. The free plan allows users to experiment on two un-hosted projects to give you an introduction into Webflow. You'll however need a paid plan to build complete websites and benefit from all Webflow's best features. We consider it a try before you buy offering.

How much traffic can the hosting handle?

The importance of scaling websites is ingrained in Webflow's DNA. The Webflow servers are catered to handle millions of concurrent visitors all over the globe. Webflow distributes websites across worldwide networks including Amazon CloudFront which load websites in milliseconds.  

What plan should I choose?

Webflow offers two different plans to its creators. Account plans cover Individual and Team Plans, and give users access to your Webflow account, dashboard and designer. Site Plans allow you to host your website with Webflow. Have a browse at Webflow plans here.

What are the benefits of Webflow hosting?

Webflow hosting is brilliant for scaling your business. Webflow distributes your website globally on secure and established networks that ensure speed and reliability regardless of location. Hosting on Webflow also provides your website with better security and SSL included as standard giving your business peace of mind.

Webflow hosting is built to commercialise your business in providing speed, security and reliability. That is why we recommend Webflow hosting to all our clients here at 3SIX5.

Webflow is much more than a website builder. It brings together a community of likeminded creators to bring to life a creative vision free from traditional code. We recommend getting yourself involved in the Webflow Blog community where others are on hand to better your understanding on all things Webflow.

The team here at 3SIX5 are always on hand to help with any Webflow queries you may have. Get in touch with us here to submit your Webflow query.

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