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Webflow Migration Explained

Thinking about switching platforms? Here at 3SIX5 Digital we make the transition to Webflow frictionless with our expertise and knowledge. Webflow migration involves taking your current website and recreating a duplicate over on Webflow without compromising on any dynamic content.

Making that transition to Webflow can benefit your business in many ways and is recommended by us here at 3SIX5 Digital. Firstly, Webflow is a no code website builder setting it aside from other web builders. Traditionally, coding has been a key component to constructing websites whereas Webflow does that all for you. On completion, Webflow produces a clean code which has been proven to run faster and more responsive websites. Migrating your website onto Webflow will speed up your website thus increasing UX and profitability.

Webflow understands that making regular changes is essential to any website. Webflow was constructed with scalability in mind as website owners can make direct changes to the live site as opposed to re-writing code. This allows your business to stay flexible and agile to keep your website current and generating revenue. Webflow caters for efficient website maintenance guaranteed to save your business time and resources.

Besides design, Webflow also offers to host your website with its own unique features. Webflow distributes your platform globally with networks including Fastly and Amazon CloudFront which ensures your website is fast and responsive regardless of location. Hosting on Webflow also provides your website with better security with SSL included as standard.

Webflow is increasing in popularity year on year and is now used by more than 3.5 million designers.

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