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Webflow USPs

A business’s online presence is fundamental to the success of your organisation. That’s why choosing the right website builder is a crucial step in the design stage to ensure your site is equipped to its full potential.

With so many website builders on the market, we understand the decision can soon become a headache! Fear not, we’ve listed below all Webflow’s unique features that we believe make it stand out from the crowd.

With 20-plus years of digital experience, we have trialed and tested many builders, yet Webflow makes seamless cutting-edge websites with a tonne more innovative features that will save your business time and money.


Arguably, Webflow’s most unique feature is its elimination of coding in the design stage. Webflow allows anybody of any skill level to create professional, cutting-edge websites without the need to write a single line of code. What’s even better is that Webflow will write that code for you to export the website and host it elsewhere.
No-code is proven to be extremely efficient and allows creators to channel all their attention into the design aesthetic without having to worry about the nitty-gritty.

Live-Site Editing

Website maintenance shouldn’t be a chore for any business. However, keeping websites current and updated has never been made easier until the creation of Webflow.
Webflow includes a live site editing tool which means content can be changed whilst the live site remains running. Even better, content can be edited through the live site by visually clicking on the text and uploading images without re-writing code. Not only does this save your business time but it makes the upkeep of websites easier to maintain and the job much more exciting.

Clean Code

Webflow’s vision is to build the world’s most powerful no-code development platform and they are passionate about innovating new technology. Referred to as clean code, Webflow automates coding based on the design of your website which has been proven to run quicker and more efficient websites. Traditional code is long and complex which is why Webflow is so unique in bringing clean functional code that will keep your website running and your business thriving.

Default Hosting

Webflow provides your website with the opportunity to host on their global network that’s powered by Fastly and Amazon CloudFront. Webflow hosting offers default features which accommodate scalability and secure your site. In comparison to WordPress, the website builder is unable to offer hosting. Webflow gives you creation and hosting all in one place saving you the hassle of going elsewhere.

Customisable CMS

Webflow’s content management system works for everyone including editors, designers and developers. Webflow comes with various content structures that offer dynamic content without requiring messy code of database management. In WordPress, dynamic content requires coding which yet again Webflow eliminates allowing everyone to design and create.    

We've made it pretty clear that Webflow is our designer of choice here at 3SIX5 Digital (after all we've built our business with it). But don't just take our word for it. Webflow has over 3.5 million users and is growing bigger each year. Become a part of this space and join us with Webflow today.

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