3SIX5 Website Redesign
Press Release 16/03/2021

3SIX5 Digital Agency Launches Impressive New Webflow Website
Made For Webflow

About 3SIX5

3SIX5 Digital, a leading global Digital Marketing Agency, who are renowned for creating stunning, bespoke Webflow websites are thrilled to announce the relaunch of their new website - 3six5.com

3SIX5 Digital were one of the first No-Code/Webflow-only website design agencies to launch in Europe and they actively work on digital marketing projects for clients across the UK, Europe & the globe.

3SIX5 Digital have been operating for five years solely in the No/Low-Code market & during this time have helped to convince and convert around 100 freelancers & businesses to convert to Webflow! The two founders of 3SIX5 have over 30 years digital experience between them, made the devision to update their website to refresh their current branding & bring a more futuristic feel to their website after a significant expansion on digital services and workforce.

About the New Website

3SIX5 Digital's new bold and bright website, which was built using Webflow, features custom graphics & a unique homepage with a horizontal scrolling section. The website is fully optimised & delivers a much faster website with even quicker page load speeds than we achieved with our previous Webflow website. It was rebuilt from the ground up to improve performance and lay the foundation for an awesome future.

Paul Temple, Founder, explained "We're really excited about the new website: it underlines the continued growth, expansion & vision of the company. It has been a major, integrated project. As UK, NoCode figureheads, we needed to upgrade our online frontage & demonstrate out ability to create a bespoke beautiful but also functional piece of digital art - which is achievable with Webflow. This project would've taken at least 12-18 months to complete using other platforms & would cost a bomb. We did it in just over 3 with Webflow.

What They Did and Why

Increased content - The new website reflect the extended scope of 3SIX5 Digital's growing marketing services. 2020 was a big year for 3SIX5 Digital. They orchestrated an intense period of recruitment & have increased their agency abilities which entailed writing over 15,000 words of unique relevant & optimised content for the new website.

Redesigned User Interface - The aesthetic of the website has been modernised with the addition of purpose built 3D graphics & animations to elevate the experience.

Updated Company Values - Due to the rapid growth the company has seen, Temple felt the need to cement their company values to reiterate the "people-first" attitude that he has & that he wants the brand to mimic . The first of which being "Be Compassionate At Every Opportunity". View all values here.

High Speed Load Times - Website Page Load Speed Times improved by 25%, giving stronger UX & helping boost SEO.

Fully Optimised Website - Website Page Load Speed Times improved by 20%, giving stronger UX & helping boost SEO.

Packed Full of New Features - To reflect the "7 Days A Week Client Support" that 3SIX5 offer, their newwebsite now features an online video booking function to allow people to book same day video calls if need be.

Paul Temple, continues "We've built the new website with Design, UX, SEO & Conversion optimisation as its founding principles, just as we do with our clients' websites. Webflow gives us the ability to produce full customised websites, each with a custom-built CMS, that exceed design & user experience expectations. Visual coding & development allow businesses to design with their imagination & turn it into a working product."

Instant Uplifts

The site is already seeing the benefits from the relaunch. SEO has improved, bounce rated are lower as users are spending longer on the website, giving them an all round better on-site experience.

Work began on the website in Q4 of 2020 and has taken the team 5 months to complete. Concurrently, they've been working on client projects and have also launched a scheme for local college students to gain remote work experience & support with the 3SIX5 Digital team. This enabled these young adults to pass their college courses which would have been delayed by a whole year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The students were also able to help with various charity projects that Temple had commissioned 3SIX5 Digital to work on at no cost including work for a local zoo called Port Lympne & also charity giants WWF.

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