Using Figma & Webflow Together

January 8, 2021

When you're trying to run a successful business the most important thing you need to get right is your web design. There are so many things that can contribute to a company's success, but your brand's website is integral to all of this. As such, it should come as no surprise that more and more entrepreneurs are looking for effective ways of designing the perfect website. Collaborating with a digital marketing expert in Kent to help you figure out the best web design ideas to improve and enhance your business as much as possible.

Two of the most essential sites you need to be using in order to craft and create the perfect website are Webflow and Figma, and when you use them together you can generate something quite brilliant. Webflow is a company that allows users to build and host websites, while Figma is an interface design application ideal for collaborative design projects, and jam packed with design tools, ideal for giving you the most amazing customised web design ideas.

Why Figma Matters

So why does Figma matter, we hear you ask? Well, it has emerged from obscurity to become the go-to design tool in the industry, and this makes it absolutely essential for meeting your company's web design needs. With its robust features and excellent support team, this is wonderfully easy to use, and provides the perfect platform to experiment and come up with some of the best ideas to enrich your website.

What Makes Webflow So Essential?

Webflow is perhaps the most popular and important platform on the internet for website design and creation. It is easy to use, full of interesting features, and it allows you to create a website in no time at all. It means that entrepreneurs looking to launch startups don't have to shell out for expert web designers to do this for them. It is a much more accessible platform, and allows business owners with limited web design knowledge to be able to create bespoke websites for their businesses.

Using Them Together

Combining the amazing features of both Figma and Webflow is imperative when it comes to making the most of this right now. You use Figma to play around with interface design ideas until you have something you are happy with. And once you have the perfect interface design it's a case of converting the design to Webflow in a simple and efficient way, in order to get the best possible outcome. You wan to prepare the assets of the website, which you can do in Figma and then import them into Webflow, then complement them with easy to build tabs and menus.

There's a lot you have to make sure you get right when you are trying to come up with the perfect website. You have loads of web design ideas you can work with, and the perfect outcome can be reached through a combination of the leading interface design capabilities of Figma, coupled with the visual editing compatibility of Webflow. Learning the best ways of being able to use both together is the perfect way of helping you when it comes to developing and enhancing the ideal website for the business right now. Speak to your Kent digital agency about the best ways of being able to combine these two and make them work for you.

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