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The Webflow University

What is Webflow University?

Webflow University is a free service offering providing informative material set to increase your understanding of Webflow. Co-Founder and CEO Vlad Magdalin created the no-code phenomenon to give everyone the power of design with no limitations. Webflow University equips the everyday creator with educational resources that teaches the full scope of Webflow from web-design to hosting and SEO. Material found on Webflow University both caters for beginners and intermediate learners providing an inclusive learning experience.  

What is Included?

Webflow University is made up of different courses and lessons filled with helpful videos and articles to increase your knowledge. Webflow University also gives users an opportunity to obtain official certificates from taking Webflow's official exams. Users can earn Webflow certification on three areas of expertise including:

·     Layout

·     CMS

·     Interactions

These certifications can be exported out and added to CVs and LinkedIn profiles to enhance employability and communicate passion. All material provided on Webflow University is completely free and is being added onto frequently by the Webflow team.

Here at 3SIX5 Digital, we want to give all our clients the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on Webflow. We’ve attached some of our favourite videos below that we believe are worth the watch.

Introduction To HTML & CSS

This video breaks down the relationship between HTML and CSS when building websites. Traditionally, website design relied upon coding whereas Webflow allows web-designs to visually create and manipulate content. This makes for a much more efficient process and due to Webflow, hand-coding HTML and CSS are days of the past.

Introduction To Webflow CMS

This video outlines Webflow CMS which is a tool for managing your dynamic content. This tool enables web-designers to structure, design and update content visually without interfering with code.

Introduction To CSS Preview In Webflow

What makes Webflow so unique is its no-code functionality. This micro-lesson introduces a CSS Preview which allows web-designs to watch Webflow construct clean code whilst visually creating the website. This preview makes it easy for designers to export that code saving time and hassle.

Introduction To The Editor

The Editor tool on Webflow is a pivotal feature that allows teams and collaborators to edit and manage content through the published website. This tool allows for super fast alterations to made to the site which is both time efficient and straightforward.

Introduction To The Designer

The video takes you on tour of the Designer's key features which enables users to design and develop professional websites. The Designer allows web-designers to add content, animations and other dynamic features to make an innovative and cutting edge site.

Thinking about giving Webflow a shot? Sign up for a free account and take the plunge into what is an exciting new era of web-design. We remain leading experts in Webflow here at 3SIX5 Digital so reach out to us for guidance and expertise to scale your website and business.

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