Blockchain in the Digital Marketing World

July 2, 2021

Digital marketing is such a crucial part of your business, and represents one of the best ways of being able to promote and market your company effectively. There are so many things that play a role in helping with this, and you need to make sure you are using the best strategies and ideas that will help you to achieve this right now. 

Working closely with a leading Kent digital marketing agency to develop a strong digital marketing strategy is so important. But you also need to think about how technology is developing, and the way in which this informs and influences your business. There are so many factors that play a part in this, and blockchain has had an enormous impact on the world of digital marketing - let’s read on to find out more.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain provides businesses with more options to operate with greater autonomy in the world of marketing. The main appeal of blockchain is the fact that it stores data on decentralised servers in several locations, providing unalterable data, and thus improving security significantly. At its core, blockchain allows for transactions between two parties without the need for third-party verification. This is seen as integral for business marketing as it is a way of giving the power of data back to the consumer. The blockchain market is expected to reach more than $175 billion by 2025, so this is something to get involved with now. 

Blockchain Marketing Advantages for Business

So, why is blockchain so great when it comes to improving digital marketing as a strategy and how can you use this to your advantage. These are some of the key advantages and ways in which blockchain is positively influencing the world of digital marketing right now. 

  • Power to the People

Giving the power back to the people by way of data is one of the biggest blockchain benefits. It makes the whole marketing process less invasive, and putting an end to the free-for-all-data-grab that has so dominated digital marketing in the past decade.

  • Brand Transparency 

Brand transparency is one of the most important things to modern customers these days, and that’s why you need to come up with ideas that will help you to make your company more sustainable and attract more people to the business. Blockchain also helps with product transparency at a supply chain level, determining whether products have been sustainably sourced, packaged, and transported. 

  • Data Sharing

Being able to use relevant customer data without third-party cookies is one of the key benefits of using blockchain. It allows customers to create their own profiles, rather than you having to source consumer data from multiple different sources.

As you can see, there are so many great ways in which blockchain can help improve and boost your digital marketing strategy, and this is something you need to work on. Teaming up with your Kent digital agency to embrace the power of blockchain is a hugely important part of the process, and this is so important for future successes.

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