Developing Your Brand Personality

July 13, 2021

When you are trying to develop a strong and successful brand, one of the key things that you have to keep in mind is developing brand personality. Now, there are a lot of things that play a role in helping you to develop the ideal brand personality, and this is something that you need to make the most of. Of course, there is a process involved, and you need to try to make sure you work on creating and developing a brand identity that your customers are going to love.

There is plenty you need to consider here, and one of the best things that you can do to improve upon this is to make sure you focus on understanding what brand personality is, and how best to develop it in your business. A leading digital marketing agency in Kent, such as 3SIX5 Digital, would be the ideal choice to help you understand and implement this effectively in your company. So, let's take a closer look at brand personality, what it is, and why it matters so much.

What is Brand Personality?

Brand personality and brand identity are not quite the same thing, though many confuse them as such. Where brand identity is the overall message you want your brand to convey, brand personality is the emotional way in which you transmit and convey that message. It is the human element of your brand, and an integral part of allowing customers to form an emotional bond with your company. This is why you need to make sure you think about the best ways of being able to develop a strong and attractive brand personality, and attract more people to your business at the same time.

Understanding the Different Brand Personalities

There are several different brand personalities that you can choose from that are really going to help you when it comes to improving the way your brand comes across. Understanding some of these can help you to realise what works for you, as well as the way in which your brand is able to improve. Here are three distinct and popular brand personalities that might be ideal for your brand to embrace this year.


Competence is something that is highly valued by customers these days, because thy want to know that they are doing business with a brand that knows its stuff. Reliable and successful brands that will get the job done are the hallmark of competence, think Microsoft.


Innovative, boundary pushing, and intriguing, exciting brand personalities always attract attention and typically like to do things differently. These are brands good at building excitement and generating hype, and they will often evolve and change with the times. Think brands like Virgin.


Exuding sophistication is possibly the thing you want to be able to achieve the most as a brand, and it's certainly something that takes time to perfect. These are companies like Tiffany that focus on class and luxury, and make their customers feel classy and elegant.

Indeed, 73% of consumers will make a purchase based on brand name, so it is incredibly important to be able to make the most of this, and to ensure that you have the best reputation as a brand, and customers associate your name with quality, sophistication, competence, and excitement. Being in a position to improve your business in this way is vital, and working with a leading Kent digital agency in order to perfect brand personality matters so much.

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