Have You Seen the New LinkedIn Stories Feature?

Learn about Linkedin stories and enhance your marketing strategy.

November 3, 2020

LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the most essential social networking sites on the net. In fact, this is pretty much the go-to networking site for businesses, entrepreneurs, and working professionals looking to expand their horizons and increase their network potential. There are so many use cases for LinkedIn, and it doesn’t matter whether you want to find the perfect digital marketing agency in Kent or the next dynamic and hungry employee for your business. Whatever your business needs, LinkedIn has something to offer. 

Which is why we reckon you’ll love the new and popular LinkedIn Stores feature. The power of video cannot be overstated, especially across social networks. Indeed, statistics suggest that more than 500 people watch instagram Stories every day, and many of these are business-related. LinkedIn has a new stories feature, and here is what you need to know about it.

What are LinkedIn Stories?

In a similar way to the Instagram and Facebook stories, LinkedIn stories present the perfect opportunity for professionals to share images, short videos, and written content of some of your key professional moments. You can post stories from your smartphone, and they will remain on the site for 24-hours. Stories are the perfect way to give a snapshot of you, or your business, and they offer a perfect way of being able to provide a digestible, fun, and streamlined snapshot of you, without overcomplicating things.

Why Use LinkedIn Stories?

There are so many wonderful reasons to make use of LinkedIn Stories, and this is essential for helping the business grow and thrive. For starters, stories can increase your brand awareness, which attracts more people to the company and improves reputation. It’s also a great way of being able to get the message out and start conversations. This puts your business in the public eye, and that can only be a good thing. 

What Stories Should You Tell?

Choosing what stories to tell is one of the most important things you can do, and this is something that plays a major part in this process moving forward. You need to make sure you come up with some excellent ideas for great stories to tell as a modern brand. You need to think about why you want to tell this story, and what it takes to get this right. Selecting the right topics of discussion is something you need to look at as well, and this can make all the difference. 

Make Them Customer-Centric

You have to make sure you come up with stories that show your products and services can benefit others. This is really important for showcasing and marketing your brand in the most effective way you possibly can. Try to come up with ideas that play a part in this, and you might even like to include customer testimonials as well. 

There are loads of key benefits to the new LinkedIn Stories feature, and this is something you can use to help enhance and improve your business right now. You could collaborate with a Kent digital agency to come up with the perfect viral stories to use for this essential LinkedIn feature, and this is important to get the best outcome for the business. 

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