Integrating Calendar Tools into Your Website

March 10, 2021

Keeping people appraised of what is going on with your business, as well as the different developments they can expect in terms of events, product launches, and the like. You may also want to provide people with an updated schedule, or allow them to book appointments. If any of these things apply to you as a business then you need to make sure you get a great calendar for your website that is easily accessible and user-friendly.

Now, there are plenty of free and easy-to-use calendars out there that you can integrate into your website to help your business improve UX and make your website a more organised and impressive digital space for your customers. Now, there are a few ways you can add calendars and scheduling notifications to your website, and this is something you'll want to work closely with your Kent digital agency to try to action as soon as you can. Here are some of the key ways of being able to integrate calendar tools into your website right now.

Event Badges

Now, it could be the case that you feel like a monthly calendar is a bit too much, or that it doesn't fit with the feel and vibe of your website. In this kind of instance, you can still get a similar outcome and keep important people in the loop by adding a badge to your site that will fulfil this role, and keep people in the loop as much as possible. Event badges can be built quickly and efficiently using free software, and you can integrate them onto your website using a simple HTML cut and paste.

Embedding Google Calendar

There are plenty of existing calendars that you could use and that you might think about integrating into your website. Google Calendars is one of the most common and popular of these third-party calendar services. In order to integrate this into your website, you need to set up a Google account, which is completely free of charge. The Google Calendar display allows you to create new events by clicking a date or time slot. The great thing about Google Calendar is that once you have used it to create events, you can use the Embeddable Calendar Helper to adjust the way it looks and presents on the actual website.


CMS calendar systems are another great way of being able to integrate essential dates and content on your site in a consistent and professional way. Content management systems are a vital part of the process of presenting consistent design on your website, and this is something you have to account for as much as possible. Calendars designed for CMS can interact with other parts of your site, such as upcoming events being presented in a sidebar. The use of CMS calendar integration is a great way of streamlining your website and being able to present important milestones for visitors to enjoy.

These are some of the key ideas you need to keep in mind when you are looking at embedding and integrating calendar tools in your business as much as possible. You have a lot you need to keep in mind here, and these are some of the key options that are going to help you achieve this. Make sure you do all you can to choose the right integration options, and help your business improve and grow as a result. You can improve your website by using these methods and integrating calendars to improve user experience right now.

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