LinkedIn Audio Rooms

April 12, 2021

Social media sites are evolving, and they need to be able to capture the mood of the times just as much as businesses do. LinkedIn is one of the leading social networking sites, and one that has proven invaluable for brands and working professionals alike over the years. The company is launching a brand new feature that could prove to be a game-changer for many in the world of business; LinkedIn Audio Rooms.

Companies around the world have been using LinkedIn as a way of connecting with other professionals, as well as sourcing potential candidates for employment. And now they can use this brand new LinkedIn feature to help develop a strong community, which in turn will help with marketing. Working closely with a Kent digital marketing agency is great for helping you integrate LinkedIn Audio Rooms into your marketing strategy, and maximise its impact. Here are some of the things you need to know about it:

What are LinkedIn Audio Rooms?

LinkedIn Audio Rooms is LinkedIn's answer to Clubhouse, and intended as a direct competitor to Clubhouse. LinkedIn announced plans to develop a social audio experience that will help creators connect with their community, but rather than just providing a social space, it will be connected with users' professional identities, in keeping with the theme of LinkedIn. Whilst the audio rooms have yet to be released, we know that LinkedIn has plans to unveil them at some stage soon, so businesses need to prepare for this.

How Your Business Can Use Them?

Community and connectivity are two of the biggest benefits to businesses wanting to use LinkedIn Audio Rooms, and this is definitely something to keep in mind. Marketing your business is more important than ever, with added competition these days, and the more you can do to maximise visibility and online presence, the better. This is certainly something that LinkedIn Audio Rooms is going to help with. It also opens up your company to interest from a new demographic by embracing the power of social audio.

What the Future Holds

The future of LinkedIn Audio Rooms remains unclear as the platform has not been released yet, but it's safe to assume that audio social platforms are going to grow in popularity in the coming years. But Audio Rooms is going to be a hugely important option for a lot of companies looking to increase presence and establish a sense of community as a result. Being able to improve your social presence on LinkedIn can make a massive difference to the success you might have, and this is something your business needs to get right.

LinkedIn Audio Rooms represent an exciting step for the social networking site, as well as a great opportunity for businesses looking to develop a stronger presence, and sense of community via social audio. This is a far more intimate experience than regular social media platforms, and can really go a long way toward improving the bond between business and customer. You could also work with your chosen Kent digital agency to approach influencers who will promote and support your brand, and get them involved in this audio journey as well.

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