PPC Agency Rochester, Medway, Kent

Find Out More About Our High Quality PPC Services From 3SIX5 Digital, Based In Rochester, Medway, Kent.

3SIX5 Digital are a specialist PPC Agency Rochester, Medway, Kent. We are currently working with clients of all sizes, ages & goals - with a combined monthly ad spend of over £100K.

Our PPC team are, essentially, workaholics. We have to be when it comes to PPC - as it's YOUR money in OUR hands. We strive to ensure our clients are getting as much Punch for their Pound as possible and nothing goes amiss under our watch.

Based on this we insist on looking over all accounts, every day of the week (including weekends) - to ensure we keep on top of all PPC campaigns we're managing at any one time.

We are completely proficient in all PPC platforms including (but not limited to):

We are happy working on brand new PPC campaign setups for clients, carrying out in-depth market discovery/research, using keyword planning tools & ensuring we go live with strong, thought about campaigns.

We are also more than happy as well as picking up existing accounts, providing a free audit of your PPC account which allows us to identify areas of concern/wastage as well as areas of potential growth.

If you'd like to talk to a PPC expert at 3SIX5 Digital, please email us now!

February 22, 2019
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