Preparing for IGTV Ads

April 8, 2021

Instagram is one of the best resources for businesses looking to improve their reach and reputation, and the release of the highly anticipated Instagram TV (IGTV) could well prove to be a game-changer for a lot of companies. Augmented reality and video engagement are becoming increasingly popular in the business world these days, and being able to embrace this as much as you can is a great way of giving your business a much-needed edge in an increasingly crowded market. This is something that a leading digital agency in Kent would be well-placed to help you with, so make sure you collaborate and get creative with this as much as possible.

As a business looking to benefit from this, it's important that you make sure you look at how you can gain an edge by making use of IGTV ads once they are available. IGTV allows users to upload videos, and connect with their audiences on a deeper level, and this is an exciting prospect for businesses looking to connect with their audience on Instagram. Of course, ads are not available for IGTV just yet, but they will be in the near future, and it is important to make sure you prepare for them so you can make this opportunity work for you as much as possible.

Why IGTV Ads are So Important

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms, and the release of IGTV has come at a pivotal time for the social media network. Instagram launching IGTV coincided with the platform reaching 1 billion users, and this shows you how much potential audience is at your fingertips. Preparation is everything to ensure that you hit the ground running, so you can start to market the business as effectively as possible to potential customers.

Launch Your Brand on the Platform

Just because ads are not available yet, it doesn't mean you can't launch your brand on the platform in order to develop a presence a prepare for the future. This is a great opportunity for more in-depth brand storytelling, and should be used as a great way of being able to make your business more engaging. More than 70% of consumers are likely to make a purchase as a result of watching a video, and this is something to keep in mind. Developing a strong presence on that platform via video sets you up nicely to take advantage of IGTV ads when they are finally released.

Make Sure You Optimise Your Channel

Optimising your channel to ensure it works as well as it can is so important when it comes to making the most of this. This means vertical videos only (9:16 ratio)! You should also make sure you are regular with your content, and keeping a schedule is one of the best ways of making the algorithm work for you. It is also important to consider video length; try not to get caught up in making long-form videos just because you can. In fact, the optimum length is around 2-3 minutes, so it's important to use this to your advantage..

These are some of the best things you can use that are going to help you improve the way in which you can use IGTV ads to improve your business marketing moving forward. You have to understand what it takes to make the most of this, and there are so many elements you need to keep in mind. Working closely with a digital marketing agency in Kent, such as 3SIX5 Digital, would be a great way of preparing your business to make the most of IGTV ads once they are live and your business is able to use them.

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