Top Reasons to Use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

January 9, 2021

You should always be looking for ways of improving your business marketing and changing the way in which you attract interest in the company. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of companies to shift focus and look at ways of altering how the do things, and this has opened the door for the possibility of AI in marketing. Top performing companies are around 28% more likely to use AI in their digital marketing strategies than the companies that are not performing at the top of their game.

This should illustrate to you the potential that exists here for integrating artificial intelligence into your marketing plans, and that's what so many businesses are looking to do in 2021. Hiring a digital marketing agency in Kent is, of course, the first step in the process, but you also have to make sure you think about what you can do to integrate AI into this as well. These are some of the best and most impressive ways of being able to use artificial intelligence in your digital marketing strategy.

Personalised Communication

Never overlook how much personalisation matters in business marketing, and even more so in today's world. Many people are changing their value and what matters to them when they do business with brands, and personalisation is a massive part of this. Tailoring brand marketing to past experiences and buyer trends allows companies to use more effective personalised marketing methods. AI can help with this hugely, as it allows marketers to personalise communication on a personal and individual level. Indeed, data suggests that close to 80% of consumers claim they will only use a brand's promotions if they're tailored to previous experiences.

Better Customer Service

Customer service is one of the key components of making positive digital marketing decisions, as well as helping to improve the reputation of the company. The great thing about artificial intelligence is that it can be used to enhance your customer support by way of things like chat bots that will reduce the workload of your employees, as well as their language processing algorithms making it easier for them to take the place of human customer service agents. AI assistants like Cortana and Alexa have already played a prominent role in day to day life, so people are already used to dealing with them.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is one of the most important elements of digital marketing, and it's the way in which prices can be set and tailored to specific customers and buyer trends. AI plays a big part in the process of improving this by setting the price of products more dynamically based on availability, demand, and the the individual customer profiles. AI makes this process much simpler and more effective, and allows you to tailor your business marketing to your customers' needs and wants.

These are some of the key reasons you should be trying to implement AI into your business, and use it to come up with ideas that will help you be a better business and market more effectively. You have to make sure you try to integrate artificial intelligence in digital marketing as effectively as possible, and you can work with your Kent digital agency to try to achieve this moving forward.

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