What Are Sitelinks?

August 11, 2021

Sitelinks are one of the most common search engine features, not to mention one of the most effective. They are used to help visitors and users navigate and find information on a website quickly and effectively, and have proven to be an invaluable tool in the process of helping to make your site and digital business more effective. As a budding modern company, you need to make sure you understand sitelinks, and that you are looking at the best ways of using them in your business right now to achieve the right kinds of results.

You need to make sure you are using sitelinks effectively in order to give your customers the best experience, and to help present your website in the best possible way right now. Nearly every branded term has sitelinks, and it is vitally important to make sure you make the most of this moving forward right now. Sitelinks can be invaluable for the success of the business, and this is something that you need to make the most of moving forward. Try to ensure that you use these ideas to help you make the most of this for your company right now.

Defining Sitelinks

So what exactly are sitelinks? Well, they are basically additional links that appear beneath a URL for a brand during a Google search process. This is something that you need to make sure you utilise as these links can be used to deep link to other pages on your site, and can help create a road map for users hoping to navigate the site more effectively. The exact types of sitelinks that Google chooses to include can often be random, but it is definitely still worth teaming with a Kent digital marketing agency to find the best way of utilising sitelinks, and these are some of the reasons why.

Benefits of Sitelinks

Now, of course, there are multiple benefits to sitelinks, and being able to use them effectively makes such a massive difference to the way in which your company comes across. So, these are a few of the really key reasons why you need to make sure you are using sitelinks as well as you possibly can, and trying to make them a key part of your business right now.

  • They give you a greater SERP presence

You can get up to six sitelinks for your SERP listing, and this is something that can make a massive difference to how your company comes across, as well as taking up more SERP space, giving you more visibility and pushing down irrelevant results.

  • They direct traffic to other areas of the site

One of the big advantages of these sitelinks is that they are able to drive traffic to other areas of the site that are perhaps often starved of traffic, and this is important for exposure, as well as making your brand more appealing.

  • Allow for more options to navigate your site

Sitelinks are great because they provide the option for landing pages that are not always the homepage. A lot of people visiting your site may not wish to visit the homepage, so this is something you can address with sitelinks.

Sitelinks can increase your CTR by up to 20% extra, making them a very valuable and important resource for the future. There are so many great steps you can take to improve and boost your business, and this is something that you can implement right now. Work with your leading digital agency in Kent to try to come up with the best techniques that will help you maximise sitelinks right now.

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