What is DuckDuckGoGo?

December 15, 2020

Privacy and anonymity have always played an important role in our lives, and as a business owner, it is important to make sure you protect your information and data. There are so many key elements of running a modern business, from teaming up with an award-winning digital marketing agency in Kent to outsourcing your IT services, you have to take care of what matters, and data and privacy matter. In fact, both businesses and customers alike have their own views on data privacy, and search engines are a big part of this. If you have ever gone online, you've no doubt used a search engine like Google or Bing!, but there's a new kid in town, making waves and turning heads - DuckDuckGoGo.

Using a search engine safely and seamlessly is so important, and there are a lot of things to keep in mind here. DuckDuckGoGo is proving to be a hugely popular choice for many people looking for a new search engine that can offer something a little bit different. If privacy and data protection matters to you, then DuckDuckGoGo could be just the search engine you've been looking for. Let's delve a little deeper into what exactly DuckDuckGoGo is, and what it can offer to your business in 2021 and beyond!

So What is It?

So what exactly is DuckDuckGoGo, and why the name? In the simplest possible terms, it's a search engine with an emphasis on privacy. Indeed, the company brands itself as 'the search engine that doesn't track you.' It claims not to use cookies to follow user data, or to collect important information on anyone who uses it. You can even hide your IP address when you use it - perfect for businesses and business owners who are looking to try to protect their information and business data as much as possible.

How Does it Work?

DuckDuckGoGo doesn't require you to create a user profile, and this allows you to avoid the filter bubble that usually comes with search engines. This means no customised search results, which may seem like an inconvenience, but is actually a blessing for those looking to maintain privacy as much as possible. It's also great for performing searches on topics that are influenced by cultural or political biases, and this can be really important for maintaining impartiality.

Differences to Google and Bing

Now, there are quite a few differences between using DuckDuckGoGo and using Google or Bing. The main one being that when you visit sites through Google or Bing, your search information is sent to the site you're visiting, and this results in your computer sharing information with the site, and this can be used to identify you. DucvkDuckGoGo prevents this from happening, and means that sites cannot identify you by your personal information, which is perfect for privacy and protecting information.

Make no mistake about it, DuckDuckGoGo is a game-changer in the world of data privacy and anonymity. And, with so many companies plagued by data protection breaches and hacks nowadays, this is the perfect browser to look after your business better in the coming year. Make sure you should get in touch with your Kent digital agency to try to make sure you devise a plan for helping look after privacy and protect the future of the business. Protecting your company and its reputation is one of the most essential things you can do these days, and this is a browser that gives you a very real chance of being able to do this.

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