What's all the Hype With Clubhouse?

February 4, 2021

Social media has played a prominent role in the business world ever since it became a staple of internet culture, and businesses are constantly trying to make the most of this. There are a lot of different social media and social networking opportunities out there that companies need to get involved with, but, since the onset of mobile apps, the grow of social media has become more prominent, not to mention more exclusive. Which brings us to Clubhouse...

When trying to grow and improve your business, you have to make sure you take the right steps to make the most of this. Now, networking and marketing strategies play a major role in helping to take businesses to the next level, and really go a long way towards helping you enjoy success as much as possible. There are a lot of ways in which 3SIX5 Digital can help with this, as a leading Kent digital marketing agency, and one of the first things we would suggest is to check out Clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new and exclusive social networking app that is still only in the beta phase of development, but is conservatively valued at around $100 million! The basic crux of the app is that it is an invite-only platform that brings together some of the greatest minds in business, as well as allowing other people a seat at the table. This is a voice-only app, which bucks the trend of most social media sites or apps that require you to look at a screen. Whilst still in its early stages, and available only to iPhone users, Clubhouse is already making waves and offers many great business benefits.

How it Can Help Businesses

Companies can benefit hugely from Clubhouse due to the marketing and networking potential that app can provide. LinkedIn is great, but can often be overwhelming for new users, and with the amount of spam involved. Clubhouse allows you to seamlessly join rooms of 100 or 200 people, all of whom are seeking and open to conversations, connections, and networking opportunities. And, the exclusive nature of the members ensures you are able to connect with some of the greatest minds in the corporate world.

Getting Involved With Clubhouse

Getting invited to Clubhouse is pretty tricky, but it is doable, and involves connecting with existing users. The first way is via personal invite, which generally involves being part of a user's inner circle. Though you can always ask for an invite on social media platforms if you're feeling lucky! The second way is via what's known as the 'back door,' and this involves heading to the Clubhouse website and creating a username. If you have a lot of contacts on the app, they may receive a notification that you've reserved a username, and they might be able to wave you in through the back door.

As you can see, Clubhouse is still very much in the development stage, but it has definitely got tongues wagging, and there is undoubtedly a growing affinity for the app in the business world. The exclusivity component only serves to fuel this further, and there are plenty of ideas you can use that are going to help you understand this app more. Work with your Kent digital marketing agency to develop a strong business marketing plan, and do it in a way that allows you to keep up with Clubhouse developments as much as possible.

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