Why Social Media is About More Than Just Posting

January 29, 2021

Social media is the biggest weapon in your marketing arsenal, and you've got to look for some of the best ways of being able to make the most of this in your business as much as you can. The simple fact is that social media provides one of the best platforms for digital marketing, and this is something that your digital marketing agency in Kent can help you work on. There are a lot of things to keep in mind here, and it is worth noting that 60% of people access social media pretty much every day, with over one third checking it 5x per day!

So, it is hugely important to do as much as possible to get social media working for you, and one of the key considerations to make here is the fact that social media is about far more than just creating posts. There is a wealth of opportunity here, and this is something that you have to work on as much as possible to try to factor into your marketing strategy. These are some of the most amazing ways you can get social media working for you, outside of posting.

Social Listening

Social listening is one of the key components of managing a clear social media strategy, and integral to any kind of success you might have. Social listening is essentially the practice of studying and monitoring social media channels for mentions of, and conversations about, your brand, products, services, and competitors. Social listening is essential for tracking and analysing conversations about your brand on social media. It allows you to interact with your audience, as well as proving to be a crucial part of audience research.

Post Engagement

Engagement is another huge part of this process, and being able to interact with users on their social media posts and conduct conversations is hugely important. Engaging on other posts is a big part of how you can use social media marketing to help you with your social media marketing. What's more, it is also one of the best things you can do to help you when it comes to developing professional relationships, and being able to attract a new audience in the process as well.

eCommerce Opportunities

eCommerce is a huge part of the world of online business these days, so it is no surprise that you might want to make it a massive part of your social media marketing strategy. Indeed, social media marketing can boost sales, and these days companies can even sell things online via social media. Things like Facebook Marketplace and Pinterest catalogues allow you to sell things to customers using your social media accounts, and you'll have minimal advertising to pay for as well.

Social media is about so much more than just posting, and you need to ensure you make it a key part of your digital marketing strategy. When teaming up with your Kent digital agency, you have to make sure you are utilising all the important elements of social media to help your business be successful. Coming up with a social media strategy that incorporates all of these important elements is the key to success, and you have to ensure you make the best of this right now.

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