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A Quick Guide to Unbounce

January 7, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the most important element of your digital marketing process? Well, this is probably a largely subjective question, but a case could almost certainly be made for your landing page. When you are working with any digital marketing agency in Kent, they will advise you to spend quality tiime on the landing page. This is the page that people are first directed to when they click a marketing link in an email or on a social media page. It's their first taste of what the business is about; their first impression of you and your company. So, as you might imagine, it is pretty important for you to have a landing page that stands out and captures the attention of visitors.

This is what makes Unbounce such an essential company for you to start working with. They are able to help you create and craft the perfect landing pages, that in turn will help enhance your company's marketing strategy. You need many strings to your bow to be successful in modern business, so you need to know who Unbounce is, and why they are going to take your business marketing to stratospheric heights!

So what exactly is a landing page?

A landing page is basically a single web page, sometimes known as a destination page, that appears when clicking on a search engine optimised result, promotional email, or online advert. This standalone web page is where the customer "lands" right after they click your link, and it exists with one important purpose in mind, as a call-to-action. While a website is the story of a company, a landing page is designed to increase conversion rates, and it differs from a homepage in the sense that it is more focused and contains fewer links.

Who are Unbounce?

Unbounce defines themselves as a landing page builder and platform. Their website contains a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder that allows you to effortlessly create, build, and publish your own landing pages. The major appeal of Unbounce is the no-code element, which allows you to create your own landing pages without having to hire a developer to code them for you. It's vitally important for helping you make the most of your traffic and convert those leads into cold, hard sales.

Why this matters to you!

So why should any of this matter to you? Why is Unbounce integral to your business?! Well, they can revolutionise your marketing strategy and help you achieve elite level results without having to spend ridiculous money. We all know that, as a modern company, you are only as good as the business you attract. The market is so competitive these days that you can't afford to lose ground. Marginal gains make all the difference, and every second counts. Almost three quarters of businesses struggle to find the right people to optimise their landing page copy, so you already have an edge on them by making use of Unbounce.

The landing page is one of the most essential components of business marketing, and Unbounce makes it really easy to be able to create and design the best possible landing pages that can bring you success and help with your lead conversion goals. Sign up and make use of their 14-day trial process right now, and your business will be going places! Speak to your Kent digital agency about teaming up with Unbounce to really make conversions work for you.

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