Do Videos Help With SEO?

Whats the deal with videos and their effect on SEO?

November 24, 2020

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the core pillars of modern business marketing, and there is no question is is an essential requirement for your business these days. At 3SIX5 Digital we pride ourselves on being a leading digital marketing agency in Kent with a strong focus on SEO, and for good reason. Did you know that almost 60% of B2B marketers cite SEO as generating more leads than any other marketing initiative?

Now, there are different components of SEO that you need to make sure you get right for your business, and there are plenty of factors that can influence it too. One of the key questions to consider is, do videos help with SEO? We all know the power of videos and their role in content creation, but just how big a role do they play in helping with SEO? Well, this is something we definitely need to look at right now.

They Help with Visibility

Visibility is King when it comes to SEO, and this is one of the great reasons to use video to help you here. Organic visibility is so important for businesses, and building a consistent video strategy can go a long way toward helping with this. Because more and more businesses are ensuring they provide scalable content these days, it allows customers to view videos on the move, via mobile, without having to interrupt anything else they are doing, and this is essential for helping improve organic visibility.

They Lower Bounce Rates

Bonce rates are a big no-no for your website, and you want to do whatever you can to try to avoid this as much as possible. Your bounce rate is how many people visit your website and then leave without making a purchase, and this can be very damaging if it's too high. Video helps reduce these rates as statistics prove that customers spend twice as long on a page that has video content as they do on a page that doesn't.

Google Loves Long-Form Video

Google loves to see long-form video content, and this can work wonders for your search ranking. Allowing people to navigate to and from your SERPs via video is massively important and one of the huge plus points here. Believe it or not, but time-stamping your videos can actually make a massive difference to the way your SEO is processed.

Improve Engagement and Promote Reputation

As a modern business, you live and die on your reputation, and this is something we definitely want to help with, as the Kent digital agency you can trust. And one of our first pieces of advice, we encourage you to use video for SEO in order to help strengthen the company's reputation, as well as helping ensure you capture more interest and get an influx of engagement for your business as a result.

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent things to consider when looking to integrate video SEO into your business as much as possible. Understanding the key role video plays in your SEO strategy is vitally important, and you can certainly use this to your advantage. Videos are key for engagement, lower bounce rates, increased visibility, and helping your company grow its reputation.

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